3 digital marketing trends you can’t just neglect in 2020

As the new technology keeps advancing, the digital marketing landscape continues to change and evolve as well. As a result, new trends, techniques, and tools are emerged, giving the possibility to businesses to meet the needs of consumers online and offline.

We strongly think that the following three trends are going to enjoy great popularity in the present time.

1.  The Rise of Using Voice Searches and Digital Assistants

Back in early 2017, many CEOs of digital marketing agencies have anticipated the boom of voice search, which turned out to be true. This year, experts believe that voice search will comprise almost half of all queries, regardless of the used device.

In fact, voice searches fulfill the consumer need for urgency. Today, Customers have grown impatient, as they have used to the immediacy their devices and internet offer them. As a result, their expectations of brands has changed, and they always want to have swift, seamless experiences across different digital platforms.

By targeting voice queries, you optimize and improve your website for featured snippets and zero-click searches too. As almost all digital assistants only read back the top entry on the results page, while rich snippets usually occupy “position zero.”

In addition, voice searches enjoy different characteristics in comparison to typed queries. We can use the following attributes when we want to plan the optimization of the voice search strategy for our clients:

2.   Video Is The New King Of Content

The trends of videos and live streaming were introduced and popularized by Facebook and YouTube, and it will just achieve more popularity this year. A recent study by HubSpot revealed that approximately half of users want more content in the form of videos from businesses they follow.

Besides, the increasing number of brands that cooperate with influencers and vloggers is rising the popularity of videos. These two personalities create personal connections with a big number of audiences compared to articles, which is a significant advantage for marketers that seek to get more customers.

Without exaggeration, YouTube is the second-biggest search engine, and if you don’t make use of videos for content marketing, you are just losing many sales opportunities.

Today, the best formula to get more engagements is to use videos across different channels (search, social media, and PPC ads). Also, it is useful to create valuable, relevant, and targeted videos for your audiences, as this will help you get more engagements than walls of text, making visitors stay longer on your digital platforms.

Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube have become popular among people of different ages for their Livestream features. This is very useful and practical for conferences, lunches, and any event you have. You can hold a live streaming Q&A in order to interact with your followers, which is a great way to get more engagements. 

In addition, videos can get you engaging ads for your PPC campaign; these ads can appear on YouTube, the Display Network, or on partner sites, which can reach more people and different places.

Similar to search and display ads, you can control the targeting of your video ads. However, be sure the platform you use matches your business and the search intention of the user.

3.  Social Media is not just about Likes and Shares

Almost all social media platforms have expanded their functions, which gives the possibility to users to shop, form groups, play games, and watch events in real-time. Therefore, you have to consider developing and improving your social media strategy.

Today, Facebook and Instagram allow users to shop on the platform itself. With marketplaces and shopping posts, businesses can have the possibility to integrate their online stores with their social media profiles. Social commerce or buying products through social media posts or ads is not something new, but it took off when Instagram checkout launched in 2019. The goal behind this is to reduce the number of steps for shoppers, providing a faster checkout process, and decreasing the chances of abandoning sales.

Moreover, social media gives you the possibility to perform social listening through online communities. While measurement tools stay helpful and useful, niche online groups offer precise insight into your customer’s interests and needs. You can also join Facebook groups that are related to your business, participate in discussions, and interact with other users to have a better understanding of the market. Without forgetting to mention Reddit and Quora, which are great platforms for social listening.

The previously mentioned trends prove that digital marketing shows no signs of slowing down. Rather, it will just become more advanced and continue to offer users a better digital experience. The thing that puts pressure on brands to work on themselves to adapt and stay relevant to their markets.

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