5 moneymaking digital marketing strategies that you should try today

In fact, being unafraid to take risks is often what differentiates top marketing professionals from novices. However, this does not mean to do things blindly and put your business at the risk of failure. Thus, we have prepared for you some of the top strategies that may sound risky to some of you, but it will take your business to a high level, leading you to achieve more success.

  1. Switch from outbound to content marketing

Before, in order to make sales, it was fairly enough to highlight the hundreds of fantastic features and capabilities your product or service hold. However, today, it is important to add some value to your brand, product, or service using some worthy content, which can picture you as a thought leader and an expert.

Switching to an inbound format that teaches and nurtures your prospects. Have you ever asked how clients will have an idea about what you offer, or how will you make sales and generate leads without pushing your product or service? You can be afraid to adopt content marketing because this latter relies on your expertise and puts the ball in your prospects’ court.

Conversely, content marketing is proved to bring more traffic and leads than the outbound one. According to Demandmetric, content marketing makes three times more leads than outbound marketing.

  • Interactive content

As content marketing keeps gaining popularity, pushing through the clutter is becoming more challenging for almost all of us. However, although we are aware of the fact that we have to differentiate ourselves from the pack, we can hesitate to make our basic content more exciting and interactive.

Actually, interactive content can help you draw more attention to your messaging while increasing your engagement on powerful social media networks. For example, using Quizzes, ROI calculators, and interactive infographics can take your brand’s story in a more dynamic fashion.

In addition, making use of eye-catching, interactive, and fun content can draw the attention of more people. As a result, you reach more audience and bring high-quality traffic to your site and blog.

  • Embrace up-and-coming social media channels

While there is the famous Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, using new social media channels will help you reach more consumers from different perspectives. Besides, using new channels gives you the possibility to discover new and creative methods to tell about who you are and what you do.

For example, Snapchat, instant Articles on Facebook, and Instagram stories are useful channels that will allow target specific groups and audiences. Such channels are also a great place to promote unique and interactive content.

  • Developing content for real people, not algorithms

Usually, marketers develop and create content that highlights their business, blog, company at the top of the search engines. However, this should not be the case anymore these days. Therefore, you have to step out of your box and start thinking about developing content that reflects the reader’s desires, fears, worries, and needs.

Creating general content that is displayed in front of thousands of sets of eyes will not take your business any further. Rather, your audience expects real and unique content that is well created and conveys interesting and attractive thoughts and ideas.

Although SEO remains very important, don’t be scared to put your audience and their needs in the first place, and your page rank will be improved automatically.

In addition, instead of using keywords to bring more traffic from search engines and their algorithms, consider using keywords to highlight your points and attract readers’ attention by providing valuable and relevant information that reflects your audience’s desires and needs.

  • Reuse and repurpose your top content

Sometimes, even your loyal readers may not see your content as soon as you post it, as it could take a couple of clicks and multiple channels to get to them. Thus, it is better to repost your blog posts with refreshed titles or new visuals.

Try to display the content in a digest newsletter format to drive traffic to content that your audience’s friends have enjoyed. Sometimes it can be difficult to resist content that we know our peers and colleagues have enjoyed.

In addition, to drive more traffic, consider automating that refreshed, repurposed, and relevant content for some time to attract a new audience who may not have engaged in the first round.    

According to Curata, only 29% of marketers are reusing and repurposing content, as a result, most marketers are missing valuable clicks, impressions, and engagement.


We are often afraid of the uncertain, so, it is time to get over our fears and widening our expectations, and being ok with not knowing what to expect from our marketing efforts. Try something new by taking small steps and measuring your efforts very thoroughly.

Don’t put your hands down although you might find that your strategies are not enough or you might try something that doesn’t work or not right for your audience. The more you try, the more likely you will find something that is a clear win, which will help you develop your marketing knowledge and eventually taking your business to a high level.

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