Profitable long-term digital marketing strategies for your real estate business

Generally, marketing has always been a vital business for brokers, agents, and other real estate professionals to get themselves famous in the market. However, as the industry continues to occupy a big place in the digital world, many professionals are trying to double their digital marketing efforts.

Therefore, we have gathered a list of great marketing strategies from great digital marketers that you should take into consideration in order to develop a long-term marketing plan that will help you to achieve big success in the industry.

  1. Hire An Expert To Help

According to Mike Shapiro, the first thing you need to do is to hire people of high expertise in building digital plans in case you don’t have profound foundations in the industry. The most important thing about a long-term digital marketing plan is that it has to be linear to all of your other marketing strategies, including the print ones. Digital and social media need to reflect who the agent is and what they stand for. Don’t try to copy other agents as your marketing plan needs to represent who you are.

  • Encourage Client Reviews

For Dave Panozzo, The Panozzo Team-HomeSmart, Long-term digital marketing must be one of the top priorities for any business. I consider the digital world as a real-world resume that should always be updated. I highly depend on Zillow, Facebook, and Google reviews. Today, more and more consumers are starting their searches and collecting information without relying on an agent.

  • Set A Marketing Budget

Chris Ryan, Beyond Properties Group (eXp Realty) emphasis creating a budget on how much funds you want to spend on your marketing plan. In addition, he recommends focusing on one or two platforms rather than trying all of them at once. Always be sure that you are doing business on the right platform that matches the demographics of your clients. In case you are just looking to get more leads, some real estate companies provide this for free and you can buy client leads from companies directly.

  • Develop A Personal Brand

While you are developing your business, make sure that you are building your personal and business brands in a way that can help gain more popularity among people so they can get to know you and reach you more easily. Content and consistency are of high importance. That is, the more positive reviews you can get from people on a consistent basis, the more satisfactory results you will attain. – Kellie Rastegar, Rastegar Property Company.

  • Create High-Quality Digital Content

Generally, the higher the quality of your digital content, the higher chance you will have of converting leads. If we use clickable posts, such as “click here for a free credit report,” there will be some people who will click on it. But, the question is what type of leads will they be? However, if we give quality content like a post about real market updates based on facts and data, we will get much fewer clicks but they will be of better value leads. – Ralph DiBugnara, Home Qualified.

  • Embrace Change

Change is one of the most important things every real estate professional needs to embrace when it comes to building digital marketing strategies. Digital marketing is in a constant and rapid change in terms of how to target and get to your online audience. Look for core and profitable strategies, and stay committed to it in order to have the possibility to try additional strategies, such as DIY videos or livestreaming. – Matt Weirich, Realync.

  • Tell Your Story

Consider speaking about your own and unique story. It is critical to show your real-life and what makes your living experience better. Actually, authentic and real stories go a long way in the digital world. The more unique and concrete it is, the better it will be since it will give potential tenants and buyers a better sense of the critical information for their living decisions. – Benjamin Pleat, Cobu.   

  • Build A Database      

As time goes by, agents take many pictures of listings, the thing that makes it difficult for them to remember photos that belong to each property. Therefore, as a solution, it is better to use tools that will help you organize listings’ info and create a database of all the products you have advertised over the years. Using a database can help you narrow down the search of the type of property clients would like to get. – Rodolfo Delgado, Replay Listings.

  • Maintain A Solid Social Media Presence

As millennials are the largest home-buying group and Gen Z soon will join them, real estate professionals must have a solid presence in different social media networks to flourish in today’s digital world. Having a public social media profile can help you increase your credibility and approachability. This is a great way to show off both your personal aspects of your life and your professional accomplishments. – Ron Costa, The Eighty-Two Group.

  1. Set Social Media SMART Goals

Setting SMART goals for social media marketing, such as five posts or stories per week is one of the important steps when building a marketing plan. You can create valuable and relevant content just by sharing lessons you learned or questions you receive from clients, and surely excluding any confidential information. In fact, sharing stories, videos, or live content is something people appreciate a lot.- Catherine Kuo, Elite Homes | Christie’s International Real Estate.

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